How can I go to Medjugorje for free?

When Our Lady calls you to Medjugorje she removes all obstacles and opens all doors. We want to help you have the experience of visiting Our Lady's special village. It is for this reason that Our Lady Calls offers a very simple program for earning free trips to Medjugorje.

Recruit 10 people for any of our scheduled pilgrimages and the 11th person goes for free. Use the free trip for yourself or for a friend! It's really that simple!

Would you like to give the gift of Medjugorje to a priest, brother, or sister? Recruit eight people for any of our scheduled pilgrimages and Our Lady Calls will pick up the rest so that this experience is made available to them at no cost.

The pilgrims you recruit must sign up and pay in full for any one of our scheduled pilgrimages within the same calendar year that you will travel with Our Lady Calls. Be sure to ask your recruits to tell us that you referred them so that you get credit for their sign ups.

Our Lady Calls
will help you advertise your trip by providing you with personalized flyers to hand out or e-mail to your friends, family, parishes, and other organizations. We encourage you to use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word and we are happy to tell you about other succesful ideas previous pilgrims have used to earn free trips. Just give us a call at 1-866-624-1981. We will be glad to talk with you!